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At Albion Window Cleaning, we like to make our commercial window cleaning customers feel safe in the knowledge that not only are they going to receive an excellent clean, but an all-round professional service to go with it. We currently clean properties using our water-fed pole system, which cleans with pure water and can reach safely up to 55ft.


The benefits of using the water fed pole for commercial window cleaning are:


  • Increased reach of up to 55ft enabling us to reach windows that aren’t accessible by ladders.
  • No chemicals and environmentally friendly, cleaning with pure water to give that perfect finish.
  • Maintain privacy with minimal disturbance.
  • Safety, no ladders, no damage to window sills or plants and being able to work around stationary objects.
  • Our Brighton window cleaners also service Hove, Portslade, Southwick, Shoreham, Lancing and Worthing.


We know that in Brighton and the surrounding areas, tall and large buildings are notorious for being hard to upkeep. With buildings that are large, you may think they are impossible to clean, however at Albion Window Cleaning, we have a solution. 


Here at Albion Window Cleaning we use a water fed pole to reach those tricky windows. This works well for commercial buildings as windows can often be large or high up.


Our water fed pole can reach to heights of 55ft, meaning most buildings are within our reach.  

With this we use pure water to ensure that the office windows are as clean as possible. 


By using our water-fed pole, we don’t need any other equipment to do our job fully, meaning as little movement and disturbance is created. The water fed pole is used by our team, our soft brushes clean the framework and glass. We then wash the windows down with pure water to leave the perfect finish once dry.


We can target certain windows for offices within a building or do the full building if needed. 


We also offer gutter cleaning services which can save you lots of money in the long run. Our gutter vacuum can reach heights of 35ft, so perfect for any building that needs our help. This ensures that no window sills or walls are damaged on the building during the process.


The gutter vacuum can reach most gutters which are normally inaccessible by ladders. This is the safest way to clear a gutter and can avoid costly use of scaffolding.


Gutters often get full of leaves and moss during the winter months so it’s a good idea to get them cleaned out at the end of summer so they are ready for rain and worse weather during the colder months. This is especially apparent on office buildings as they tend to be larger.



After winter has finished, another service on the gutters is advised to clear out anything that has been trapped in them during bad weather. Our gutter cleaning service ensures that the gutters last longer and work more efficiently so you don’t have to worry about water damage or leaks in your office building. 


After our team has cleaned the gutters, we use a camera to make sure they are clear of debris and left perfectly free of moss and leaves so another service hopefully won’t be needed again for some time.


We are also fully insured and do regular risk assessments to give you peace of mind. Just ask one of our friendly team members for a copy of our certificate. 


We also offer the option to have your office building cleaned outside of office hours so that there is no disturbance to those working inside. 


Give our reliable and friendly team a call and book in for an all-round excellent service using the latest technology for even the most difficult to reach windows and surfaces. 

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