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At Albion Window Cleaning we have over 10 year’s experience in clearing gutters. One of the most common problems that our Brighton window cleaning team face is that in the city and in Hove and surrounding areas, is that Victorian houses are common and whilst they are beautiful and historic, with them comes hard-to-clean outside surfaces.


Luckily, with our service we have a solution. By using our Sky Vacuum, we can clear gutters up to 35ft safely from the ground and without leaving any mess. Previously in-accessible gutters like over a conservatory roof can be reached.


If blocked gutters are left too long it can cause serious water damage to your home, resulting in mould and damp inside your property. Let us take the hassle away, we can make sure all rain water can flow away from your property.


Gutters often get full of leaves and moss during the winter months so it’s a good idea to get them cleaned out at the end of summer so they are ready for rain and winter weather.


After winter has finished, another service on the gutters is advised to clear out anything that has been trapped in them during bad weather. Our gutter cleaning service ensures that your gutters last longer and work more efficiently for you.


The Gutter Clearance Process


  • Before clearing the gutter, we will do a thorough inspection of the guttering around the building, making sure that all areas are safe to reach and to give you peace of mind when we are doing our job.


  • Once we have done that, we will start clearing out the gutter. There are a few ways in which we can do this.


  • We usually try our best to do our job without having to use ladders. We like to keep things as safe as possible, which is why we use our gutter vacuum. This is able to reach up to 35ft from the ground, therefore meaning our team doesn’t have to scale the building to do a perfect job!


  • We’ll do our best to reach all the awkward spaces of guttering around the building and clear anything that may be blocking the gutter or causing it to overflow when it rains.


  • After ensuring all debris has thoroughly been removed, we check the gutters with a camera to check that everything is clear and ready to go!


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