Residential Window Cleaning in Hove, East Sussex

Window cleaning in Hove, East Sussex


Window cleaning in Hove is important to maintaining your home. Properties situated near Hove beach are more vulnerable to damage, due to the higher concentration of salt in the air.


If you do not clean your windows, salt will remain on the surface which will lead to your property looking dirty. Ocean spray can also lead to damage such as weakened structural integrity and corroded frames.


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We find that window cleaning in Brighton and Hove varies from the surrounding areas. As you move towards the centre of Hove, flat conversions are more common. Flats are generally harder to clean as they will usually have higher windows. These are more awkward to reach and we will often need to arrange access to the back of the property with neighbouring flats.


At Albion Window Cleaning we overcome this challenge by using our water fed pole system that can reach up to 55ft. By using the water fed pole we are avoiding the damage to your garden or window frames. All we need is access to the ground level of your home.


Cost of window cleaning in Hove, East Sussex 


At Albion Window Cleaning, we offer professional window cleaning services for all types of buildings. All of our quotes are bespoke to each building and service.


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Commercial window cleaning in Hove, East Sussex


We also offer professional commercial window cleaning services in Hove and the surrounding areas.


Tall commercial buildings are notorious for being hard to upkeep due to high windows. Our water fed pole system can reach  these windows easily to keep your commercial building clean.

Why Choose Albion Window Cleaning in Hove?


– We have over 10 years of experience

– Friendly and efficient service

– We work with the customer to provide the complete package

– Providing a 21st century service

– Argus customer service award



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